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Which Mac should you buy to edit video: iMac, iMac Pro, Mac mini, MacBook Pro or something else? We look at the best Apple hardware and.

This was by far the best search tool for the Mac of any option, far superior to Spotlight because it performed the search live rather than relying on a catalog file that might be out of date, and because it made it easy to find hidden or system files. We originally got it because we had a folder on a PC file server that we were trying to find files on, and it would sometimes take up to 15 minutes just to load up the folder, let alone search it.

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Now we use it for everything, even Mac folders that the Finder is taking FOREVER to search through — EasyFind does the job in seconds — sometimes almost faster than you can type out what you are looking for. Major kudos to this developer!!! Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps.

Again, don't forget the last space. If you used Hidata to hide secret files before, this smart Mac data management tool can also help you unhide them back easily:. Step 1 : Click on Hidata icon to launch it.

How to show hidden files on your Mac

Step 2 : Enter the password and press Enter key to unlock. Step 3 : All the hidden folders will show up in the left side-bar. Locate the secret file s you want to unhide. Step 4 : Click on the blue circle icon at the far-right side of the file name. Toggle it from blue to grey. When it is blue, the file will be hidden; while when it is toggled on grey, the hidden file will show up on your Mac normally.

How to view hidden files on Mac

There is also another more convenient way to show the hidden list in Hidata, as Hidata also has a shortcut in the menu bar:. Click on the blue circle icon next to the file name. Toggle it from blue to grey in order to make the secret file s appear.

What are Hidden Files on Mac?

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