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Both campaigns are fully narrated, telling their stories with a series of black and white graphical novel interludes. Players are also able to 'change history' by choosing whether to attack or defend a number of historical castles in the game's castle siege mode.

Stronghold Crusader HD

The game engine utilises Havok physics, which influences the effectiveness of burning log traps and causes buildings and castle walls to crumble realistically. In addition the game engine features a new weather system and advanced lighting. Buildings in Stronghold 3 are more dynamic than before, with the housing capacity and appearance of hovels changing the further they are built from the player's keep. Castle construction is no longer confined to a grid-based system. A new fog-of-war mechanic was introduced for night-time game play, during which all areas outside of the immediate vicinity of the player's castle are hidden in darkness.

However, players are able to use torch-holding peasants and other fire-based devices to explore the map at night. They can also illuminate specific areas by setting fire to watch towers. The option for players to launch diseased cows from trebuchets has returned, in addition to smaller animals like pigs and sheep.

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A Facebook competition was run to let fans vote on the final animal ammunition type, with a sack of diseased badgers eventually making the cut. The game currently lacks a Kingmaker or skirmish mode, as available in previous Stronghold titles.

Description of The Stronghold Collection

Firefly Studios had previously claimed in that they would be working on Stronghold 3 due to the high demand by fans, but only after the completion of Dungeon Hero. However, in the status of Dungeon Hero was uncertain after being delayed numerous times. In when asked if they had any other unannounced games in development other than Dungeon Hero and Stronghold Kingdoms , the answer was that they still had one more game in development.

This game would later turn out to be Stronghold 3. The game was officially unveiled on May 14, with a teaser site. Firefly then announced that the game will be delayed for another month until July in order to make refinements to the game. Eventually it was announced that the game would be delayed until late September , after which a final release date of October 25 was announced.

Since its release Stronghold 3 received "generally unfavorable reviews" according to the review aggregation website Metacritic. Reviewers almost unanimously agreed that Stronghold 3 felt unfinished at launch, although many highlighted the potential for the game to be improved via patches. While one ultimately felt that Stronghold 3 was "a decent RTS with a few hiccups here and there that could easily be fixed with a patch or two", [20] others believed that the game's problems were due to design choices that are unlikely to be patched out.


To quote Adam Biessener of Game Informer , "No matter which aspect of gameplay you look at, problems crop up in its implementation. After a number of patches to improve gameplay and fix issues, Firefly Studios introduced various multiplayer features and additional campaigns into Stronghold 3 and re-released it on 25 May under the name Stronghold 3: Gold. As a gesture to fans, Firefly delivered these added features into already purchased copies of Stronghold 3 through Steam for free.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. October 2, Retrieved July 25, I got crusaders and the combat was disapointing, the city building was only reason to play it. A little kids game?

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  5. How is the freakin combat dissapointing if it is like any other freakin rts game? What logic! I will get it just for the last reason.

    Stronghold Extreme Crusader for the Mac

    I mean you cant even TELL what's going on at all in the screenshots! Well, I mean I would imagine they would TheGTAvaccine Because people will always make armies that large right?

    Stronghold Crusader Extreme for Macintosh () - MobyGames

    GodLovesDead Because people will always make armies that large right? You do know it is 10, units split between all players btw, right? So the most you could have yourself is 5, when versing one other person. The combat just seemed so shallow. There were only a couple units you could build, no heroes or support type units. No real depth to it. It seemed to revolve around the empire strategy of the game. No, it has everything to do with the game in gameplay. Watch the video. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.


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